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  Fire Department

Fire Prevention Bulletins

# Date Bulletin Topic
2014/01 August 26, 2014 Chula Vista Fire Department Revised Requirements For Fire Alarm Control Panels
2013/01 January 7,2013 Expanded Office Hours
2012/02 August 14, 2012 Permit Application, Fee, and Fire System Plan Processing
2012/01 June 14, 2012 NFPA 13-D: Transfer of Field Inspection Work
2011/02 October 25, 2011 Dwelling Water Meter Size
2011/01 August 19, 2011 Fire Prevention Fees Take Effect September 2011
2010/01 August 01, 2010 Fire Prevention Fee Schedule Update
2009/02 November 09, 2009 Fire Prevention Reception Services Move

June 01, 2009

Fire Prevention Fee Increase
2008/05    August 18, 2008 Field Plan Review Program: Sprinkler Tenant Improvements
2008/04     June 25, 2008 

Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Adoption

2008/03    June 23, 2008 Fire Company Inspection Program Will Begin Fall 2008
2008/02    March 03, 2008 Fraudulent Inspections: A Warning to the Business Community
2008/01 February 01, 2008  

Gasoline Dispensing Facilities—Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery Upgrade

2007/02 October 15, 2007 Notice of Business License Requirement
2007/01 August 14, 2007 Final Notice of Fee Increase
2006/03 December 05, 2006 Fire Alarm Control Panel Requirements
2006/02 August 08, 2006 NFPA 13R Minimum Riser Size
2006/01 July 05, 2006 Fire Prevention Fee Increase
2005/01  May 18, 2005 Electronic File Submittal for Fire / Life Safety Plans


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