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Seasonal Fire Safety


It is a great time to consider a spring clean up at home live. Spring clean up would be both inside and outside your living space.

Outside of the home clear brush, weeds, and trash throughout the yard. On larger properties, clear 30 feet to 50 feet away from all structures. In wildland-interface areas clear 100 feet from brush edge.

It is also a good time of the year to clean storage areas and get rid of unwanted materials.

Please do not forget, April is the time to change the time on all clocks, and the batteries in all smoke detectors


Summer time often means outside barbecues, please be careful with the use of flammable liquids. Never use gasoline to start the barbecue. Always use approved barbecue lighter fluids.

Do not refuel lawn mowers and other gasoline equipment in the garage; always be outside in a well-vented area with no ignition sources.

Please be reminded it is unlawful to use fireworks of any kind in San Diego County. Please call (619) 691-5055 to find the locations of holiday fire works displays.


Fall is the time to check or have the household's heating and cooking systems serviced. A visual inspection should reveal a blue flame on all devices. If there is an orange flame, contact a service representative for assistance.

Do not store combustible materials in furnace closets; make sure all cover plates are in position protecting the heater.

Please be careful with candles and open flames. At Halloween it is much safer to use flashlights to provide light for the jack-o-lantern. Also be extremely careful with children's Halloween costumes.


During the winter holidays, we use extreme care with our holiday trees, decorations and lighting systems.

When displaying a cut tree, keep water in the base, and remove the tree from the home as soon as possible. Contact your rubbish disposal service for instructions on disposing of your tree.

Use only UL approved lighting systems.

Remove Christmas wrapping as soon as possible.

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