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Interested in a Career?

A Career in the Fire Service!
Today's firefighters provide many services in addition to responding to fires. The varied and exciting duties of today’s firefighter include medical aids, vehicle accidents, rescues, hazardous materials spills, public assistance, fire prevention and public education. If you possess the commitment and dedication to serve a very important role in the community, then the fire service might be right for you! Careers in the fire service are exciting, rewarding, and challenging.

Become a Firefighter
The City of Chula Vista recruits for the position of firefighter every two or three years. If you are interested in participating in the next testing process, please look at the City of Chula Vista Human Resources job opportunity section: City Of Chula Vista Human Resources Web page.

The City of Chula Vista is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants must be 18 years of age at the time of application submission, and have a high school diploma or G.E.D. A California class "C" drivers license is required at the time of hire, as well as certification in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the state of California.

A strong desire to work hard and make a contribution to the community are attributes the Fire Department looked for in the hiring process. Applicants should also be physically fit to meet the demands of the job. Employment may be contingent upon completion of a pre-placement medical exam, which may include a drug screen and a psychological evaluation.

Successful applicants will be asked to show proof of citizenship or provide documentation that gives the individual the legal right to work in the United States. The Fire Department does provide training to new fire recruits.

Qualified minority and female applicants are encouraged to participate in the examination process. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), qualified individuals with a disability that require assistance during the testing process should notify the City of Chula Vista Human Resources Department one week prior to request reasonable accommodation.

Preparing for the next recruitment?
To obtain a firefighter position, applicants need to be very competitive. Any additional training and education received in the Fire Science field will be of benefit. Consult a local community college for course information and the location of the nearest fire academy, as well as the local fire department regarding Fire Reserve programs. A high level of physical fitness should also be maintained; firefighters must be in excellent physical condition at all times to safely perform the duties of their job. Cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength are essential. A good physical fitness program will help applicants pass the physical agility test.

What to expect during the testing process
There are several phases to the testing process. Participation in a written test will measure reasoning skills, mechanical aptitude, and reading comprehension. Upon successfully completing the written test, applicants complete oral interviews and a physical agility test. The oral interviews will include an evaluation of education, experience, interest, and personal qualifications for the position. The physical agility test will include a series of job simulations that will test stamina, strength, and fitness.

City of Chula Vista
Chula Vista, the second largest city in San Diego County, offers the potential firefighter a variety of working challenges. The fire department serves a community rich in diversity and a large retirement community providing for unique challenges. With the potential for more growth in the South Bay region, Chula Vista’s Fire Department also is growing to meet the needs of its residents.

Fire Department
The City of Chula Vista Fire Department has one of the most modern, up-to-date departments in San Diego County. With the new high-tech communication/dispatch center, the city’s modern Pierce engines can roll onto a scene within minutes. The Chula Vista Firefighters are among the best-trained personnel in the county. The city’s training facility includes a 4-story training tower where firefighters learn skills such as fire suppression, heavy rescue, rappelling techniques, ladder placement and high-angle rescues. The site also includes a state-of-the-art training room where up to 58 students can be instructed on urban search and rescue, disaster preparedness, and hazardous material safety. The Chula Vista Fire Department is also among the few fire departments in the United States that has an urban search and rescue dog.

Firefighter Facts
Chula Vista, the second largest city in San Diego County and the seventh fastest growing city in the nation, encompasses over 50 square miles. It is rich in diversity and tradition and includes a large retirement community.

The fire department faces a variety of unique challenges because of the City’s expanding residential, commercial and industrial base. As the city’s population increases, the demand for fire and emergency services is expanding.

The City currently operates nine fire stations; two more stations are scheduled to open in the next several years. Every year the Fire Department’s eight engines, two trucks, Heavy Rescue vehicle and brush engine respond to nearly 12,000 emergency and non-emergency requests including fire, medical, rescue, hazardous materials, and public assistance calls.

There is also a four-story training tower and extensive training grounds to provide the latest, up-to-date training possible for the Chula Vista staff. New recruits start with an intensive 12 week formalized training program. This program consists of classroom instruction as well as drills designed to prepare the new recruit for a career in the fire service.

After the formalized training, recruits are then assigned to one of the fire stations for on-the-job training. There, they will continue to learn the duties utilizing hands-on training from experienced firefighters.

After successful completion of this training phase, the recruit will be assigned to another station to work rotating shifts on a 24-hour basis, which includes weekends and holidays. Firefighters may be required to work back-to-back shifts and be on-call as necessary by departmental activities and staffing levels. Fire Recruits serve a 12-month probationary period.

Directions to Chula Vista

From Interstate 5:
Exit at E Street, go east to Fourth Avenue, turn right on Fourth Avenue and proceed to corner of Fourth and F Streets.

From State Highway 54:
Exit at Fourth/Highland Avenue; go south to corner of Fourth and F Streets.

From Interstate 805:
Exit on E Street, go west to Fourth Avenue, turn left on Fourth Avenue and proceed to corner of Fourth and F Streets.

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