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City Of Chula Vista Alarm Program

The City of Chula Vista Alarm Program is coordinated through the Police Department, under the provisions of City of Chula Vista Municipal Code 9.06.050.

Alarm User’s Permit
Each business or residence within the City of Chula Vista, in which an alarm system is installed, used or maintained, is required to have an alarm user’s permit.  A separate permit is required for each separate business, place of business, residence, change of ownership or change of permit type. 

An alarm permit is valid for 24 months.  Permits are not transferable and are not pro-rated.

Residential Burglary Alarm permit fee:  $50.

Commercial Burglary Alarm permit fee: $100.

False Alarm Penalties
False alarm penalties are based on the 12 month period preceding the most recent false alarm.  There is no charge for the first and second false alarm; the third is $50 and the fourth and above are $100 each.

For additional information, please contact the Alarm Program at (619) 585-5719.

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