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Police Services Officer

Public Services OfficerPrimary Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of the Police Services Officer (PSO) is the Booking Office and temporary detention facility. Some of these duties involve receiving, searching, fingerprinting, photographing prisoners and detainees. Information on these individuals is obtained and entered into various law enforcement databases.

Interview & Investigative Opportunities
PSO's continue the information gathering that officers start in the field. Particular attention is given to individual identifying characteristics such as physical features, marks, scars or tattoos. If the PSO is unable to obtain truthful information given by the prisoner, fingerprints are then obtained and sent via computer for processing by the CAL-ID network. Confirmed identification is usually obtained anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours. All other information is entered into various databases where the information is used to update official files and records.

Skill Development
The PSO position offers the opportunity to learn new or build on existing skills. Communication and computer skills, knowledge in criminal law and arrest and control techniques, all enhance the PSO's confidence in overseeing this integral phase of the arrest process. Written and verbal communication skills are sharpened with the daily interaction that occurs among other department personnel, allied agencies and in dealing with the public either on the telephone or in person at the front counter. PSO's develop expertise in various areas quickly, making them a valuable resource.

Auxiliary Responsibilities
Other responsibilities of the PSO are clearing stolen vehicles from NCIC and notifying the registered owner of the vehicles that their vehicle has been recovered. Constant monitoring of prisoners with the aide of in-cell cameras is one of the primary responsibilities. PSO's must ensure that the prisoners are afforded their rights to telephone calls and look out for their health and welfare during their stay. Sick or injured prisoners must be medically screened before transporting to county jail. It is the PSO's responsibility to recognize and respond appropriately in ensuring the personal and medical needs of prisoners are obtained.

Career Opportunities
Many PSO's use this position as a springboard to become Police Officers. The knowledge and skills learned enable the PSO to build their confidence and move on to other areas of law enforcement. For more Information contact Human Resources at (619) 691-5096.

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