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  Police Department
7/8/2009 - Sexual assault suspect arrested

  • Ref: Case #09-09972
  • Date and Time: 05-26-09 @ approx. 1025 hours
  • Location: 300 Block Third Ave
  • Charges: 220 PC, 459 PC, 664/261PC, 245 PC, 422 PC, 207 PC, 236 PC

    On 05-26-09, Chula Vista police responded and investigated a case involving a sexual assault, which occurred at 300 block of Third Ave. The suspect identified as Calvin Kemp entered the business engaged the victim employee in conversation and then physically assaulted her. During the struggle Kemp attempted to rape the victim, however, the victim fought back and continued to scream until witnesses heard her. Kemp was chased out of the business and he fled the scene on foot.<.p>

    • Ref: Case #09-11489
    • Date and Time: 06-17-09@ approx. 1530 hours
    • Location: 400 Block Third Ave
    • Charges: 459 PC

    On 06-17-09 at approximately 1530 hours, Kemp attempted to sexually assault a second victim, by using the same method of operation. The witness at this scene positively identified Kemp in a photo line up.

    • Ref: Case #09-11446
    • Date and Time: 06-17-09@ approx. 1610 hours
    • Location: 400 Block Third Ave
    • Charges: 314 PC, 3056 PC

    On 06-17-09, during the late afternoon hours, The Chula Vista Police Department received a call regarding an investigation involving an indecent exposure, which occurred at the 400 block of Third Ave. During the course of this investigation, and minutes after the incident, Chula Vista Police contacted and detained Calvin Kemp whom matched the description given by witnesses. These witnesses positively identified Kemp as the person who entered the business, masturbated and then left.

    A DNA sample was taken from Calvin Kemp and compared to evidence left behind at the different crime scenes. It was confirmed that Kempís DNA profile matched the evidence at the crime scenes and was positively identified via a photo line up by both witnesses and victims in these cases.

    Calvin Kemp is currently on parole and is being charged with assault with intent to commit rape, indecent exposure, multiple counts of burglary, attempt rape, criminal threats, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault with deadly weapon and parole violation.

    Police Public Information Office

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