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7/15/2009 - CVPD awarded $2.8 million by Feds for multi-agency effort to combat cross border crime related to illegal drug trade

The Chula Vista Police Department has been awarded a 2.8 million dollar, multi-agency grant to combat cross-border crime and violence related to the illegal drug trade. The money was awarded as part of a proposal on behalf of the California Border Alliance Group (CBAG).

The grant is part of the $8.7 million of federal Recovery Act funds released to law enforcement agencies to help fight drug trafficking along the California-Mexico border announced today in Los Angeles by U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder.

In a news conference Holder told reporters, "the grants will help promote cooperation among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as they fight Mexican drug cartels."

Chula Vista Police Chief Richard Emerson says, "This will be a boost to our efforts to check cross-border crime and violence. By adding detectives, analysts and equipment this grant will enhance anti-drug and violence task forces here in San Diego County."

The grant funds will further integrate the regional resources of five local law enforcement agencies; San Diego Sheriff's Department, San Diego Police Department, San Diego District Attorney's Office, National City Policy Department, and the CVPD into three existing federal task forces.

The grant will support personnel costs for seven law enforcement officers, two analysts, and one Assistant District Attorney. The sworn officers will be assigned to the three task forces to gather, coordinate, and act on intelligence related to spillover violence uncovered by the task forces. The analysts will work with all three task forces to ensure better collection, coordination, and dissemination of intelligence related to cross-border cases. The Assistant District Attorney will work exclusively on these cases. Funds will also purchase seven undercover vehicles for the sworn officers.

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