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8/13/2009 - CVPD Receives Grant Awards To Enhance Public Safety

In trying economic times public safety as a priority doesn’t diminish. In order to maintain and in some cases enhance current levels of service the Chula Vista Police Department has made a concerted and successful effort to apply for and attract government grant funds.

On Tuesday, August 11, 2009 the City Council of the City of Chula Vista enacted resolutions approving acceptance of several law enforcement based grants that will enhance the department’s ability to combat crime and further develop community outreach.

The first grant award is in the amount of $2,864,605 from the Department of Justice. This will enable the CVPD to oversee the San Diego Regional Criminal Narcotics and Border Violence Project. This two year project will supplement existing Drug Trafficking task forces with ten positions from local law enforcement agencies. The Chula Vista Police Department will assign three positions (two detectives and one analyst) to the project. The Chula Vista Police Department Special Investigations Unit will oversee the implementation and overall management of the project. The objective is to dismantle and disrupt major narcotics operations and associated violent activity along the southern border.

The department also received an Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant award in the amount of $442,963 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. These moneys will be used for the department’s community outreach team and police safety equipment. This grant is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is generally referred to as “JAG Stimulus Grant.”

In addition, the CVPD has been awarded $131,929 by the State of California to hire one hourly Cold Case Investigator, one hourly Latent Print Examiner, purchase crime lab and computer equipment.

An additional Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant award in the amount of $71,310 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance was awarded to the CVPD. In coordination with that grant the department received a $95,000 award from the San Diego County District Attorney to be used to fund one detective for countywide identity theft investigations.

Finally a grant for $6,500 from the San Diego Police Foundation will be used to purchase one narcotics detection canine.

In total, the department has applied for and received more than $3.6 million for the ongoing public safety of Chula Vista.

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