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This morning at 1:43 a.m., a female called to report an intruder in her house, located in the 500 block of Pineridge Ct. in Chula Vista. While officers responded, additional information was received indicating that people inside the house were injured and in need of medical aid.

When officers arrived they found a 47 year-old adult male with multiple stab wounds, as well as a 48 year-old adult female with a laceration to her face. A second adult male, (45 years old), determined to be the suspect, was being restrained by occupants of the house.

Information gathered thus far indicates both victims are related to the suspect by marriage. The suspect and his wife have been separated for at least two months, during which she has lived at the Pineridge address with the victims and other family members. This morning the suspect went to the residence dressed in dark clothing and wearing gloves, then entered the home and repeatedly stabbed the male victim. During the assault the female victim entered the room and was also stabbed. A third resident intervened and struck the suspect on the head with a heavy object, then helped restrain him until officers arrived. The suspect's wife and their child were also in the residence when this incident occurred, but they were not injured.

Both victims and the suspect were taken to local trauma centers for treatment. Their names will be released later this afternoon or early tomorrow after additional follow-up is conducted.

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