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5/27/2010 - CVPD Warrns Public about an Attempted Child Lure Suspect

The Chula Vista Police Department is notifying the public about an attempted child lure suspect. It happened this morning at 0800 hrs at the intersection of Palomar Street and Third Avenue.

A 12-year old girl was walking to school, standing at the intersection, waiting for the light to change when she heard a vehicle honking. She looked across the intersection at a vehicle parked at a gas station and noticed the male driver was motioning and calling for her to come to him.

The suspect then drove his car from the parking lot of the gas station on the Northeast corner to the Northwest corner and stopped next to the girl and told her, in Spanish, "come here". When the girl refused the suspect got out of his vehicle, laving the dorr open and moved quickly toward the girl. She became frightened and immediately ran across the street.

The child saw an adult female at the bus stop who was watching events unfold. The child ran to that witness and at that point the suspect froze, staring at the child and witness. The witness asked the child if she knew the man and she said, "no." At that point the child and the witness were both frightened and walked straight to the school without looking back. They reported the incident to school authoritie and to police.

Suspect description - Hispanic Male Adult, 5'10," 200+ lbs, heavy build, large belly, no facial hair, wearing a tan baseball cap with no markings, tan or green longsleeved polo shirt, tan shorts, and sandles with socks, approximately 50 years old.

Suspect vehicle: a 4-door greenish/blue sedan, an 80's model 4-door import, possibly a Honda, very dirty.

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