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On Sunday, July 25th the CVPD coordinated a multi-agency illegal street racing crackdown. The operation consisted of a countywide saturation patrol.

The operation was considered a success with 60 citations issued, 17 vehicles impounded, and 10 people arrested; including arrests for street racing, racer spectating, DUI, and possession of narcotics.

An arrest for street racing, on average, will cost a person approximately $5,000 in various fines and fees; as well as the loss of their drivers license; possible jail time; probation; and community service.

The legal consequences for racer spectators could be incarceration up to 6 months and $1,000 fine.

With funding from a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, the Chula Vista Police Department, manages and coordinates Operation Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing, a multi-agency enforcement and education effort that includes; the Chula Vista Police Department, San Diego County Sheriffs Department, San Diego Police Department, Escondido Police Department, National City Police Department, La Mesa Police Department and SDSU Police Department.

Operation Crack Down on Illegal Street Racing was adopted to address the increasing mortality and injury rate associated with this potentially deadly hobby. Since the program was established here in the South Bay almost 2 years ago, deaths and injuries have declined significantly.

Racing is, and will always be, a favorite American pastime. However, there are ways to keep this entertainment alive while saving lives and preventing injuries. Operation Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing focuses on redirecting the destructive and dangerous behavior of illegal street racing to sanctioned, legal racing events, such as RaceLegal at Qualcomm stadium.

For the price of the steep fines and fees, a person convicted of illegal street racing could take the same amount of money and make 256 trips to a legal racing venue and make more than 775 legal passes down the strip. A cited and convicted spectator could go to a legal venue 125 times for the same amount of money they will receive in fines.

Operation methods have included education and increased enforcement and stiff penalties. By sending the message "take it to the track" the hope is to save lives and prevent injuries. Operation Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing is one of many efforts to let street racers know that society is serious about keeping the county roadways safe and that illegal street racing will not be tolerated. Illegal Street Racing is a nuisance to the community and costs innocent people their lives.

Funding for this operation was provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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