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5/27/2011 - Fight on Broadway leads to two arrests

On 05/27/2011 at approximately 0424 hours Chula Vista Police received a 9-1-1 call regarding a fight in front of a convenience store at the northeast corner of Broadway and Naples.

A reporting party stated that someone had possibly been stabbed. The reporting party stated that a Hispanic male adult armed with a machete had stabbed a black male adult, causing a large laceration to his arm.

As officers were responding to the fight, Chula Vista PD dispatchers received calls of "shots fired" in the area approximately 1/4 mile from the fight scene.


Witness statements indicate a black male adult was on the pay phone in front of the business and was confronted by two Hispanic males. Words were exchanged and a fight ensued. Moments later the black male reappeared in the store bleeding from a cut on his arm.

Officers attempted to render first aid, and gather evidence, the victim became extremely uncooperative. The victim then ran southbound on Broadway and officers lost him as he began jumping fences. Officers formed a perimeter at 1081 Broadway, where the shots fired had occurred. As officers were searching for further victims and suspects, they discover several vehicles in the parking lot that had been freshly vandalized. As officers searched the area they discovered a door to an apartment that had been kicked in. Also, the window to another apartment had been broken and there were numerous fresh blood stains and expended shotgun rounds in the courtyard of 1081 Broadway.

Officers checked on the welfare of the residents at the first apartment and found all the occupants were unhurt, however these residents stated that a black male adult, who was bleeding, who was "looking for someone", had kicked in their front door.

During the witness check officers arrested 47-year old Jose Francisco Sierra; a discharged parolee and gang member for possession of a firearm. Sierra is being charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.

Crimes of Violence detectives are following up the investigation.

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