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6/1/2011 - Chula Vista woman and her two children murdered, suspect commits suicide

Chula Vista Police were called to 1746 Currant Way by the California Highway Patrol this morning about 10:35 after CHP officers conducting a welfare check discovered the bodies of a woman and two children inside the Chula Vista townhouse.

The three victims at 1746 Currant Way are identified as 41-year old Mary Alvarez, and her children, 12-year old Angelica Alvarez and 11 year old Hamid Alvarez. All three appeared to be strangled; the woman and her daughter also had blunt force trauma to the head.

This began yesterday morning when CHP investigators after an apparent suicide in which a man leaped to his death from a ramp on the 125 freeway near the 54 Freeway connector.

At approximately 5:35 a.m. a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer saw a 2001 Hyundai Elantra partially obstructing the right lane of state Route 125, south of state Route 54.

The officer saw no one in the car and checked around the vehicle. He then observed a man's body in a 100-foot-deep ravine below.

Officers traced the car license plate to the registered owner's address on Santa Cora Avenue the city of Chula Vista. The manager there said the car owner had moved. Investigators then learned where the women worked. The woman's co-workers told the CHP she had not been to work in the past few days.

CHP officers obtained the woman's new address on Currant Way before being let in by property managers to conduct a welfare check. That's when Chula Vista Police Officers were called to the scene.

The cause of the deaths are not yet determined. The Chula Vista Police Department Crimes of Violence Unit will assume the investigation into the death of the women and children, the CHP will investigate the death of the man on the 125 Freeway.

Mary Alvarez was an instructional assistant at San Ysidro High School, here daughter attended Rancho Del Rey Middle School, here son Hamid attended McMillin Elementary.

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