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6/10/2011 - Crime Scene Investigation Course offered by CVPD

Inside CSIHave you ever watched your favorite “CSI” show and wondered “Is that real?” Well, now is your chance to discover the inner workings of a police department crime laboratory. “Inside CSI” is a 10-week course with several hands-on activities designed to expose participants to various concepts and methods utilized both in the field and laboratory.

Once a week for 3 hours, a CVPD crime laboratory professional will lecture on several disciplines within the field of forensic science. All courses are held in the evening to accommodate work and school schedules.

During the first 8 weeks, a new subject will be presented leading up to the CSI recruits processing their own mock crime scene on week #9 and presenting their findings to a “jury” of their peers in the final class.

“Inside CSI” offers two types of courses. The family friendly version includes activities encouraging parents and children (ages 13 and older) to experience together the excitement and relevance of math and science in the field of forensic science.

The grown-ups only (ages 18 and older) version involves more in depth hands-on activities and presentations of actual cases by the crime laboratory personnel to show the realities of crime scene investigation.

Activities include:

  • Determining projectile trajectory in walls.
  • Determining point of origin for blood stain patterns
  • Processing “evidence” for latent prints utilizing powders and chemicals
  • Casting footwear and tool impressions
  • Documenting crime scenes through photography and sketching
  • Comparison exercises between latent “crime scene“ prints and known “suspect” prints
  • Trace and biological evidence collection

Weekly Topics:

  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Evidence Collection
  • Latent Print Processing
  • Latent Print Analysis
  • Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
  • Shoe/Tire Impressions
  • DNA/Serology
  • Firearms

What is the cost?

The 10-week course is $250 per person. This fee includes all materials and supplies provided during activities. For two or more individuals attending together, the fee is $225 per person.

Where can I sign up?

To register, or for more detailed information on the course:

Call: 619-691-5249 (Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM)

Or email:

Police Public Information Office

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