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9/8/2011 - Citywide Power Outage Hits Chula Vista

At approximately 3:45 this afternoon a massive power outrage occurred across San Diego County. Power to homes and businesses, as well as traffic signals and mass transit trolley services have been interrupted. The resulting impact has led to many people leaving work locations, creating heavier than normal traffic as they travel home.

The Chula Vista Police Department has deployed all available resources across the city. Please be courteous as you drive on city streets. Be patient at all intersections and treat all intersections as a four way stop unless traffic lights are active. Be mindful of pedestrians and people on bicycles, most especially children.

SDG and E has not given an estimate on the return of power, however company spokespeople indicate the problem has been identified and work has begun to bring the system back up to normal standards. This is a process that will take several hours, if not longer.

The Chula Vista Police Department offers these tips for getting through this event as comfortably as possible.

Light - Use flashlights or battery powered lanterns if you have them. Candles should be used only as a last resort for emergency lighting. If they must be used keep them away from all flammable items and away from children. Do not fall asleep with candles lit.

Information - Use a battery powered radio if you have one. You can also use a telephone that does not require electricity, such as a cell phone or phone that plugs directly into the wall without an electrical base. However, only use phones if absolutely necessary.

Fires - During a power outage fire danger may increase, particularly if the problem is downed power lines. Keeping a working fire extinguisher can alleviate this concern. Check your fire extinguisher yearly to make sure that it works properly.

Water - Use water wisely. Conserve and contain water with great care making sure hygiene comes first.

Food - Store food that is not perishable and does not require cooking. For canned food, be sure to include a non-electrical can opener.

Minor medical emergencies - Keep a full first aid kit on hand.

Generator - If you have a back-up generator use it only if needed. Be sure to follow the manufacturer directions carefully when using the generator especially if you have someone in your household on electrical life-support equipment.Never uwse power gnerators indoors!

More tips

During a Power Outage, when cooking don't use an open flame inside your house. If you are using a grill, be sure to cook in the open air. Some appliances, such as computers and televisions, should be unplugged until power is restored. All major appliances should be unplugged so that the power doesn't surge once it has returned. If your water heater is electrical, flip off the circuit breaker. Finally, leave your freezer and refrigerator closed as much as possible. Freezers can keep food for several days if they remain shut.

After a Power Outage

Leave an outside light on so that the electrical company can easily note that your power is back on. Wait a few minutes before turning major appliances back on because a surge could cause another power outage.

Finally, following the incident be sure to restock any of your emergency supplies used during the power outage.

It is not fun,m but power outages do happen. With a little emergency planning a power outage can be worked through with as little inconvenience as possible.

Stay safe!

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