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9/9/2011 - Post Power Outage Message

The City of Chula Vista thanks their residents, visitors and businesses for remaining calm and orderly during yesterday’s unprecedented power outage and reports no major incidents as a result of the emergency. All traffic signals in the City are now fully functioning and water supplies were not affected.

Although power has been restored across the region, the power grid will remain fragile throughout today. As such, there has been a statewide Flex Alert issued today to encourage energy conservation.

Some other helpful reminders:

**Schools are closed. Please be aware of children crossing streets and on bicycles and skateboards.

**Police and Fire department are fully operational, but have received a large number of 911 non-emergency medical calls. Remember to use 911 ONLY for medical emergencies.

**For non-emergencies, call 211 for information you can use.

The City activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) shortly after the power outage began on Thursday afternoon and is prepared for a long term event should one occur.

Mayor Cheryl Cox stated, “I want to commend all Chula Vistans for helping maintain safety in our city during the recent power outage. I received reports of neighbors checking in on one another and spending time with family and friends around their neighborhoods. We truly have a safe and caring community, but the recent event reminds us to be prepared with emergency kits, extra drinking water, flashlights and keeping our vehicles at safe fuel levels.”

Police Chief David Bejarano added, "the people of Chula Vista are to be commended for their response to yesterday's unprecedented power outage. As soon as the extent of the emergency was known to police the department immediately activated to full deployment. While we did have some minor disturbances through the event, the overwhelming response was community cooperation, calm and neighbors helping neighbors during a difficult time."

Remember to continue to conserve energy and start preparing for the next emergency now.

Police Public Information Office

City Of Chula Vista



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