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Community Volunteers

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Community volunteers can assist the Chula Vista Police Department in a variety of ways. The following positions are only some of the ways a police volunteer is utilized to assist City staff in important job duties.

Clerical Aide (Business Office): Assist with a variety of tasks. For example, volunteers may file paperwork or input and retrieve information in the computer system. Assist with typing reports, answering phones and other office tasks as required. Qualifications: Able to work independently and type 30 wpm; able to operate basic office equipment including a computer; can perform detailed work with accuracy; able to file. Time Commitment: 4-hour increments between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays.

Front Counter Assistant: Assist front counter personnel by performing routine administrative tasks, including filing, copying and other duties as asked. Qualifications: Works well with public; good judgment; bilingual ability highly desirable in some areas, particularly Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog; able to operate basic office equipment. Time Commitment: 4-hour increments between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.

Frequently Asked Questions From Volunteers

What will I do as a volunteer? You have the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks.

Where will I work? You may work in a variety of places such as the Business Office, Traffic, Administration, etc.

When will I work? We would like volunteers to contribute at least 12 hours a month to our programs. This depends on your schedule as well as the department schedules.

Who will supervise me? You will report to the person designated as your supervisor. You may also receive work assignments, training and direction from other employees as designated by your supervisor.

What happens if I get injured while volunteering? The Citywide Workers' Compensation Program covers you.

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