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Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP)

Senior Volunteer Patrol Officer(619) 476-2417

The Chula Vista Senior Volunteer Patrol was established in 1994 and comprised of formal trained, uniformed volunteers, 50 years of age and older. Members perform such services as commercial district foot patrols, vacation house checks, vehicle abatement, handicapped parking enforcement, "You Are Not Alone" (YANA) calls and visits, and traffic control. Senior Volunteer members also assist with crime prevention programs and special events.

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The primary activities of SVP are:

  • Enforce handicapped parking regulations
  • Conduct vacation home security checks
  • Perform traffic control (includes Smart Unit placement)
  • Patrol business districts, parking lots & school zones
  • Call and/or visit homebound seniors (YANA Program)
  • Assist with vehicle abatement program
  • Document graffiti and pothole sightings
  • Reception greeter at Police Department front counter
  • Represent Police Department at special events and other duties as assigned
  • CV Assist Program
  • Assist at crime and auto scenes
  • Help man the Bonita Safety Center

Senior Volunteer Patrol Officer

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