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Firearm Range

Chula Vista Police Officers are required to qualify with their duty weapons, patrol rifles, and less-lethal tools on a quarterly basis. The Firearms Range is lead free, meaning that only frangible ammunition is used. It also allows officers to train with their tools in various lighting conditions while engaging paper or steel targets.

Jail Cell

The Chula Vista Police Department operates its own City Jail, currently the only city in the county to do so. This 48-bed Type I facility generally houses arrestees until their court arraignment. Additionally, Female United States Marshal Service (USM) inmates are housed here. Staff members include the Jail Commander, Police Service Officers, and Senior Office Specialist.

Communication Center

Communications lay at the heart of police work. CVPD dispatchers maintain 2-way radio contact with police personnel as well as providing telephone communication with the public and other government agencies. The Chula Vista Police Department also employs Mobile Data Computer (MDC) technology as well as Geographic Information System (GIS) data to maintain Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) integrity.

Roll Call

This is where a patrol officer’s day begins. Officers gather in the roll call room to learn of crime trends that may be occurring within the city. This time is also used to ensure that officers are provided with the latest legal and tactical information.

Community Room

The Community Room, accessible from the main lobby of the Police Station, is used for community meetings, press briefings, and training. The room has full audio-visual capabilities including two video projectors and a public address system.

Exterior of Building/Monument

The Chula Vista Police Department Law Enforcement Memorial is the city’s monument to San Diego County Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. The memorial honors federal, state, and local officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of San Diego County and its people. If necessary, the names of fallen officers (from the prior year) are added to the memorial during National Police Week.

Men's Locker Room

A Police Officer wears approximately 30-40lbs of equipment on their person while working. Aside from the uniform, the officers wear a ballistic vest and an equipment belt with all the various tools necessary to keep themselves and the public safe. Due to safety issues, Police Officers generally dress in the police department locker rooms rather than wearing their uniform and equipment to and from home.

The Courtyard

The beautiful interior courtyard of the police department is located between the Investigations and Patrol Operations divisions. Police Department personnel often use this area as a reprieve from the office. The courtyard has also been used as a reception area for the police department’s annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony.


Evidence Technician's work with police investigators at major crime scenes. They are trained in the forensic sciences and are responsible for locating, documenting and collecting physical evidence at crime scenes. Evidence Technicians also process evidence submitted to the crime lab for various forensic examinations including fingerprints, high detail photography, and follow-up trace evidence searches.

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