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Coping with Global WarmingCity Of Chula Vista Climate Protection Measures

On July 10, 2008 City Council adopted implementation plans for seven measures, which were designed to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas or “Carbon” emissions and were originally recommended by the City’s Climate Change Working Group - comprised of residents, businesses and community representatives.  The implementation plans outline the City’s detailed strategy for initiating, funding and tracking the individual measures.  Although partial implementation will begin immediately, the City will be pursuing a variety of funding sources over the next 6 months to ensure the measures’ full and long-term implementation.  A summary of each measure, as approved by City Council, is outlined below:

A summary of each measure, as approved by City Council, is outlined below:

  1. Clean Vehicle Replacement Policy for City Fleet
    When City fleet vehicles are retired, they will be replaced through the purchase or lease of alternative fuel or hybrid substitutes.  In addition, the City fleet will begin to pursue installing new fuel tanks to allow heavy-duty vehicles to convert to biodiesel fuel immediately.
    Coping with Global Warming
  2. Clean Vehicle Replacement Policy for City-Contracted Fleets
    As contracts for City-contracted fleet services (such as transit buses, trash haulers and street sweeper trucks) are renewed, the City will encourage contractors to replace their vehicles with alternative fuel or hybrid substitutes through the contract bid process.  In addition, the City will pursue implementing two hydrogen vehicle demonstration projects.
    Coping with Global Warming
  3. Business Energy Assessments
    Although not mandatory, businesses will be encouraged to participate in a no cost energy assessment of their facilities to help identify opportunities for them to reduce monthly energy costs.  The business assessment will be integrated into the existing business licensing process and codified through a new municipal ordinance.
    Coping with Global Warming
  4. Green Building Standard
    Chula Vista will implement a citywide, mandatory green building standard for new construction and major renovations.  The new standard will have 3 main components: (1) a minimum energy efficiency (carbon equivalent) requirement of 15% above Title 24 - 2005, (2) the early adoption of the new California Green Building Codes for all residential and commercial projects and (3) a Carbon Offset Fee available for projects not meeting the 15% above Title 24 threshold.  The City will re-evaluate its Green Building Standard in summer 2009 when the revised Title 24 becomes effective.
    Coping with Global Warming
  5. Solar & Energy Efficiency Conversion Program
    he City will create a community program to provide residents and businesses a streamlined, cost-effective opportunity to implement energy efficiency improvements and to install solar/renewable energy systems on their properties.  The City will develop a funding mechanism to allow program participants to voluntarily choose to place the improvement costs on their property’s tax rolls, thereby avoiding large upfront capital costs.  In addition, the program will promote vocational training, local manufacturing, and retail sales opportunities for environmental products and services.  To lower the cost for installing renewable energy systems on new homes, the City will require all new residential buildings to include pre-wiring and pre-plumbing for solar photovoltaic and solar hot water systems, respectively.
    Coping with Global Warming
  6. Smart Growth Around Trolley Stations
    The City will continue to implement the “Smart Growth” design principles, which promote mixed-use and walkable and transit-friendly development, particularly in and around the E, H and Palomar trolley stations. These principles were emphasized in the revised Chula Vista General Plan and the Urban Core Specific Plan.  In particular, the City will initiate site planning, design studies and Specific Area Plan development to further support “Smart Growth” development that complements greenhouse gas reductions.
    Coping with Global Warming
  7. Turf Lawn Conversion Program
    The City will create a community program to provide residents and businesses a streamlined, cost-effective opportunity to replace their turf lawns with water-saving landscaping and irrigation systems.  Some municipal turf lawn areas (such as medians, fire stations and non-recreational park areas) will also be converted to act as public demonstration sites and to reduce monthly water costs.  The City will establish the model for water-wise landscaping for new development through an update of its Municipal Landscape Ordinance and Water Conservation Plan Guidelines.
    Coping with Global Warming

This multi-departmental implementation plan represents a strong commitment on the part of the Chula Vista City Council and staff to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City Manager is personally engaged in ensuring the success of the implementation plan and will routinely report all progress to the Council and the public. Chula Vista’s precedent-setting climate change measures reflect the continuing commitment by the city to lead the region in progressive environmental policy.

For more information about the City of Chula Vista’s climate protection efforts, please visit or contact the Department of Conservation & Environmental Services at 619-409-3893 or

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