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Adoption Success Stories

Here at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility we are delighted to share our moments of joy and happiness with you. We are inspired when we receive feedback, verbally or in a written form, about a new, deep relationship between a pet owner and an adopted pet - or simply when people come by with their pet just to see us.

This is exactly the encouragement that makes us work harder finding new homes for our pets. We are proud to publish these adoption success stories for you:

Recent Stories

The Mitchell Family | Erwin the Bunny
Just wanted to say thank you for helping us adopt our bunnies. I had no idea how much fun they can be. Not to mention how tidy they are! We are definitely hooked on bunnies now - there is no going back!

The Phillips Family | Enzo the Chihuaha
We adopted Enzo, a chihuahua mix, this past Sunday at the Rock Church. He is a great pup and acclimated to us right away, providing great company for our doxie Ginger right away. We saw Enzo and we connected instantly. Thanks for allowing us to adopt and save Enzo.

Dog Stories

Name Withheld

Dan Pagano

Amanda Tinsley

Laura Daniels

Nikola and Gary Kaminsky

Susanne and Maggie

Cat Stories

The Nibarger Family

The Schatzlein Family

Justin Gipson 

Maren Millikin 

Kim Schanz

Colleen Carnevale


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