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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get my dog licensed?    
The City of Chula Vista requires all dogs over the age of four months to have a current rabies vaccination and license.    

Where can I purchase a license?    
Dog licenses may be purchased anytime during business hours. For location and hours of operation, click here.    

Does the Animal Care Facility adopt out pets?    
Yes! The Animal Care Facility has many great pets available for adoption. You can view them online at or come visit us!    

I lost my dog or cat, what should I do?    
Click here to visit our Lost & Found page.    

What should I do if I find a stray dog?    
Please bring the dog to the animal care facility or shelter that handles your jurisdiction. This should be the first place pet owners look for their lost animal.    

What can I do about feral (wild) cats?    
Animal Control Officers do not handle calls on feral cats. You may rent a humane trap from the Animal Care Facility with a $60 cash deposit, when available. You may only trap cats on your property and turn them into the Animal Care Facility. Your deposit will be refunded upon return of the trap.    

What can I do about a barking dog?    
The Chula Vista Animal Care Faciliy responds to barking dog complaints. Please call our dispatch line at(619) 476-2476. For hours of operation, click here.    

Where can I learn more about microchips?    
Click here to visit our Pet Ownership Assistance page.    

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