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GMOC to Hold Community Workshop

The City’s Growth Management Oversight Commission (GMOC) is gearing up for its annual community workshop. The session will be held Thursday, April 17, at 6 p.m. in the Police Department’s community room at 315 Fourth Avenue. It’s an opportunity for the public to preview and comment upon the recommendations for this year’s quality of life review before the Commission presents its 2008 Annual Report to the City Council.
Since 1987, the Commission’s nine members have been listening to the community’s concerns about growth and passing on their recommendations to the City Council. The GMOC is assigned to monitor Chula Vista’s growth and examine the impact it has on the quality of life of local residents. The growth management program establishes 11 quality of life threshold standards that must be maintained as the City expands. Those thresholds include: police, fire, library, parks & recreation, traffic, sewer, drainage, fiscal, water, air quality and schools.

Following the workshop, the GMOC will finalize the report, scheduled to go before the Planning Commission and City Council on June 5 for review and action.  Once approved, the report will be posted to the City’s Web site at

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