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“Chula Vista Walks” Program Launches August 1
Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy. On August 1, the Chula Vista Recreation Department is unveiling a new web-based program—Chula Vista Walks-- that promotes the use of designated walking trails in 32 parks across the City.

Visit to locate the park and designated walking paths best for you and your fitness routine. The website maps out park locations and lists amenities such as restrooms, drinking fountains and parking lots. Track the distance of each trail, find out how many calories you can burn and learn the skill level required for your local trek. Look for the comprehensive log sheets that can be submitted to win prizes.

“Our city has so many beautiful parks, and this is one healthy way to get out and enjoy the scenery,” said Buck Martin, the City’s Recreation Director. “Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit. And we’re hoping Chula Vista Walks encourages people to get a little more mileage out of their normal routine.”

Recreation Supervisor Eddie Johnson did the research and put the website together. This is the first phase of Chula Vista Walks; eventually, the program will be expanded to include bicycle and open space hiking trails. The Recreation Department is seeking a sponsor of this free program.

For information, call Eddie Johnson, Chula Vista Walks coordinator, at (619) 691–5084 or visit the Walking Program HQ at the Parkway Gymnasium, 385 Park Way.

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