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Pedestrian Safety Campaign
Chula Vista’s Engineering and Police departments have launched a new Pedestrian Safety campaign with banners, brochures and stepped-up enforcement measures. The campaign, which runs now through January, puts a special emphasis on pedestrian safety near schools.

A series of banners cautioning pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists to “Be Alert” are posted along busy thoroughfares throughout the city. The City is working with Chula Vista’s schools to drive home the safety message in the classroom. Children are often the least predicable pedestrians and the most difficult to see. Public service announcements and community and school safety meetings will be scheduled as part of the campaign.

During a high concentration traffic law enforcement operation October 30, Chula Vista police stopped 42 pedestrians for violations—in most cases jaywalking.

In a series of resident surveys, traffic safety—especially pedestrian safety-- tops the lists of concerns. From January 2003 to June 2008, there were 294 collisions involving pedestrians in Chula Vista. While drivers are at fault in most collisions, pedestrians cause 33% of the accidents, often crossing against signals or darting into traffic from the middle of the block. Twenty-six percent of the collisions involve pedestrians under the age of 16. Because so many collisions involve school-age children, the campaign is targeting students with a strong safety message.

In crashes with cars, pedestrians are almost always injured—even at slow speeds. A pedestrian hit at 20 mph will suffer serious injuries and has a 15% chance of being killed. At 40 mph, the pedestrian’s death rate jumps to 85%.

To learn more about the Pedestrian Safety campaign, visit or call (619) 409-5488.

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