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“Angels for Animals”

Chula Vista’s Animal Care Facility has launched Angels for Animals, a donation drive to support the simple needs of homeless pets at South County’s only shelter. To cope with the ever increasing demands on the City owned shelter--including significant budget reductions-- staff and volunteers are using the Angels for Animals campaign to draw attention to the plight of the region’s orphaned pets.

The public is being asked to support the facility by donating basic supplies including: pet beds; kennel dog beds (donate online at; new or used towels and blankets; newspaper; and pet toys. Bins for donations have been placed at 17 different locations throughout the city. Learn more about the donation drive, bin locations and how you can help by visiting

Today’s economic conditions are impacting animals as well as people. Shelters are swamped with abandoned and homeless pets. At the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility, staff and volunteers are overwhelmed as they care for more and more homeless animals in need of food, shelter and a good home. Last year, the shelter took in more than 8,000 animals in need—this year’s number is trending toward a 20% increase.

“People losing their homes to foreclosure or losing their jobs may decide to leave their pets behind or turn them over to the shelter,” said Deputy City Manager Leah Browder. “Others can’t afford the medical care for an animal with a skin condition or showing signs of illness. It is terribly unfortunate, but pets are being abandoned at an alarming rate.”
Another challenge for the Chula Vista facility is that fewer owners are bothering to spay and neuter their pets. Add to that a yearlong kitten season, the shelter has been hit with a tidal wave of babies too young to survive in a shelter environment. The shelter’s foster care program helps these tiny animals survive and thrive. The program is in need of more volunteers.

Visit the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility at 130 Beyer Way, or call (619) 691-5123.

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