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C.V. Promotes “A Day Without a Bag” Dec. 18
On December 18, the City of Chula Vista joins the environmental group Heal the Bay in an effort to encourage grocery stores and shoppers to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. “A Day Without a Bag” is aimed at raising consumer awareness about personal choices through education.

Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels. Every year, Americans throw away more than 380 billion non-renewable bags. Washable reusable bags save resources and money and reduce litter and waste.

Grocery stores throughout the City will participate in “A Day Without a Bag” by distributing a limited number of recycled bags to shoppers. Giveaway times vary from store to store. Look for the list of participating stores by visiting the City’s Internet home page at

On December 18, between noon and 2 p.m., City Councilmember Steve Castaneda, an advocate of using recycled bags, will join City of Chula Vista Environmental Services staff for a bag giveaway at Henry’s Market, located at 690 Third Avenue. “The question to shoppers is no longer ‘Paper or plastic?’ said Castaneda. “The question is, ‘ Did you bring your own bag today?’ We are working to raise consumer awareness about personal choices that can have a positive impact on the community and the environment.”

List of participating stores:


720 Third Avenue


2310 Proctor Valley Rd.


285 E. Orange

Appletree Market

1556 Third Avenue

Fresh & Easy

865 E. H Street

Garden Farms Market

307 E Street

Henry's Marketplace

878 Eastlake Parkway

Henry's Marketplace

690 Third Avenue

Hometown IGA

646 E Street

La Bodega Market

1193 Broadway

Mercado Int. 2000

1415 Third Avenue

North Park Produce

877 E. H Street

Seafood City

1340 Third Avenue

Trader Joe's Store

878 Eastlake Parkway


870 Third Avenue


360 E. H Street


505 Telegraph Canyon Rd.


2250 Otay Lakes Road


4404 Bonita Road


1745 Eastlake Parkway

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