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City of Chula Vista Reaches Agreement With All Non-Public Safety Employee Unions for Comprehensive Pension Reform
The City of Chula Vista has completed pension reform for all non-public safety employees. Last week, the Chula Vista Employees Association (CVEA) and Western Council of Engineers (WCE) bargaining groups agreed to voluntarily pay into their retirement plans. The employees will experience cuts in compensation to equal 8% of their salaries. With these agreements, all 645 non-public safety personnel including the Mayor, Council and executive team will be paying the entire employee’s share of their CalPERS retirement plans. Once fully implemented, these contributions will generate over $3.4 million in annual taxpayer savings.

"It is a huge accomplishment to complete pension reform with non-public safety staff," said City Manager, Jim Sandoval. "I know it was a challenging process and a difficult sacrifice for all involved especially during this economic time. However, I believe reform had to be accomplished in order to help stabilize our fiscal future – for our employees and for our community. There was no other way around it."

The City is still in negotiations with the International Association of Fire Fighters, (IAFF) as talks continue to move forward. The Chula Vista Police Officers Association (POA) has been given two proposals by City management. The City is awaiting a response.

With the agreed upon pension concessions, the number of positions to be eliminated drops from 146 to 110. Fifty of the eliminated positions are directly attributed to the loss of the revenues associated with the defeat of Prop H, the Telecommunications User's Tax (TUT). The City continues to grapple with an $18.5 million dollars deficit beginning July 1, 2011.

With most labor negotiations completed, City officials will now be able to finalize what public facilities they will be able to safely maintain and keep open with its limited staffing levels. A detailed list of reduced operating hours for recreation centers, city pools, libraries and public counter hours at City Hall will be forthcoming. All budget reductions would begin in January 2011.

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