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Art Workshop and Utility Box Painting Program
Chula Vista community members are invited to participate in a workshop with artist Roberto Salas on Saturday, April 30, from 1-3 p.m. Salas will work with residents to create stencil designs that will be used to paint eight utility boxes at major intersections on the west side of the City. Workshop participants will then have the opportunity to paint the boxes in the near future. The workshop will be held at Lauderbach Park, 330 Oxford Street, Chula Vista.

This effort is a collaboration between the City and Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP), whose work is funded by a Preventing Violence, Healthy Eating Active Living (PV-HEAL) grant. In 2010, youth participating in this grant conducted Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessments of five “crime hotspot” areas in western Chula Vista. They made recommendations for ways in which both crime and the perception of crime could be lowered through changes to the built environment. One of the recommendations that the City is seeking to implement is their call for more public art.

For copies of the original PV-HEAL assessments, information on the workshop, or any questions, please contact Carla Blackmar, Project Coordinator, at or (619) 476-5355.

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