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The Chula Vista Fire Department (CVFD) has secured a federal grant to help educate the public about one of our greatest threats – wildfires. The $15,000 Emergency Management Performance Grant, awarded to local governments, is designed to maintain and increase emergency management resources.

The “Ready, Set, GO!” campaign kicks off on June 10 with a variety of outreach efforts. These include Public Service Announcement videos at two Chula Vista movie theaters, custom decals on all CVFD vehicles, signage posted in the City of Chula Vista and a mailer sent to residents in high-risk wildfire areas. In addition, information and checklists from a special newly designed website is available at

“Ready, Set, GO!” is an effort intended to prepare residents to get “ready” by performing the necessary brush management around their homes; get “set” by creating a personal action plan; and “go” – leave early and not wait on an evacuation order.

Fire Marshal Justin Gipson said, “It’s not a question of if but when the next major wildfire will occur in San Diego County. That is why the “Ready, Set, GO!” action plan is so important for Chula Vista residents and their families.”

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