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In order to better serve the residents of eastern Chula Vista, Otay Ranch Town Center has announced an agreement with the City of Chula Vista to place a new branch library location at the popular retail and entertainment destination.

"Thanks to the forward-looking management of Otay Ranch Town Center and Senior General Manager Tim Colby, discussions began last year about the possibility of establishing a storefront library at the mall. We set out to create a win-win partnership where the mall could create an attractive amenity that benefits the community and the City of Chula Vista would gain a low-cost, user-friendly library outlet in eastern Chula Vista. We're thrilled to sign the agreement and move forward on the new space," said Betty Waznis, director of the Chula Vista Public Library.

The new library location will be comprised of three retail spaces on the west side of the Otay Ranch Town Center Food Pavilion, combined into one larger space of nearly 3,500 square feet. This compact footprint will permit the space to be staffed on a single shift basis, five days a week, for approximately 35 hours per week; this is a vast improvement over the previous branch library in Eastlake only open two days a week. Construction is expected to begin on the new library later this fall and grand opening is anticipated by the end of the year.

The new library will offer great services to our guests, including free wi-fi that will overflow into the Food Pavilion area; yet another good reason to spend time here," said Tim Colby.

The library's physical arrangement will be maximized for flexibility and self-service. It will feature low-profile moveable shelving so that a common space, programming area, or gathering space can be arranged and sightlines are maximized. Built-ins such as a laptop bar will make good use of space and capitalize on the large windows and interesting mall-scape views. Staff workroom space and service points will be small so that as much space as possible can be devoted to the public. The storefront library will rely on self-service strategies so that the small staff is used to its best advantage. These strategies will include self-check, self-serve reserve shelf, self-generated computer time reservations, extensive use of subject and functional signage, face-out, colorful displays and intuitive directional signage for successful self-navigation.

The Otay Ranch storefront library will house a rapid-turnover, appealing collection of high interest items. Since the limited facility size keeps it from having a full collection on site, users can request items from either South or Civic locations and expect to have them delivered in a day or two. The library recently instituted the "floating" collection strategy which means that items are shelved where they are returned, ensuring that the Otay Ranch collection will be constantly refreshed, and shipping time and labor will be reduced.

Updates and construction reports will be posted on the center's Facebook page throughout the entire process, and interested residents are encouraged to "like" Otay Ranch Town Center on Facebook to get the latest news.

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