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The City of Chula Vista has been selected for WalkSanDiego's Kaiser Permanente Golden Footprint Award. The award celebrates individuals, agencies, organizations and projects that enhance the quality of life in the San Diego region by making neighborhoods and communities more walk-able. Chula Vista was selected for its Third Avenue Streetscape Plan. According to the judges, “This plan does not only create a walk-able business area but, more importantly creates walk-able connections between Third Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods that creates a true walk-able community.”

The Urban Core Specific Plan, adopted by the Chula Vista City Council in 2007, included the redesign of Third Avenue, Chula Vista's historic "main street.” To consider project goals and possible solutions, project manager Garry Williams developed a strong partnership between the City and the Third Avenue Village Association (TAVA), downtown business owners, and adjacent property owners.

Plan details include widening Third Avenue's sidewalks, constructing a landscaped median from H Street to Madrona Street, adding a public plaza, and installing more landscaping. The result will be a complete reworking of the street's vehicular, transit, and pedestrian systems. Improvements include wider sidewalks, shorter crosswalks, corner curb extensions, reduction of vehicular travel lanes, and accommodations for bicyclists. In short, the project will make one of the oldest streets in the South Bay more pedestrian friendly and transform the heart of the city from a primarily vehicular corridor system to a safer, more enjoyable destination that meets all user’s needs.

Construction is expected to begin in February 2012.

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