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The City of Chula Vista, in cooperation with local businesses, is launching a comprehensive sales and marketing program to promote shopping in Chula Vista. The “Shop Chula Vista Now” campaign will kick off in time for the holiday sales period to drive sales to all businesses in the city.

More than 100,000 “Shop Chula Vista Now” incentive cards will be distributed to those who live, work, shop, and visit in Chula Vista. Cards will be available soon and locations will be listed at the website.

Chula Vista stores, shops, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, gas stations, and other businesses will post signs in their windows to let customers know they can get a “Shop Chula Vista Now” discount. The colorful, eye-catching graphics will be instantly recognizable to customers.

“Shop Chula Vista Now” promotions will be offered at locations throughout the city including businesses in Downtown, Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Rolling Hills Ranch, the Marina, and other communities. The website will identify participating businesses, and advertise locations and their “Shop Chula Vista Now” discount offers.

“The Shop Chula Vista Now campaign is a great private-public partnership to promote local businesses,” said Michael Meacham, City of Chula Vista Economic Development Director. “Our stores, malls, restaurants and businesses have an array of goods and services, in the right locations, at the right value. We thank the store owners and managers from large and small businesses participating in this campaign.”

For the launch, the City is providing free window clings for all participating locations, distributing 100,000 discount cards, launching the Web site, as well as promoting holiday giveaways, local advertising, social media marketing, media outreach, and more. The City will expand the advertising and outreach after the holiday season with co-op promotions, additional card distribution, and more advertising and promotional activities.

Posted: November 16, 2012

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