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Chula Vista’s Climate Adaptation Plan – one of the first in the nation – recently received a 2013 Green Leadership Award in the category of Pioneer at the Green California Summit held in Sacramento. The Green California Leadership Pioneer recognition is awarded to those that have exhibited unparalleled leadership in furthering environmental awareness, conservation efforts, green building or promoting green economic development.

The Climate Adaptation Plan creates a blueprint for action to address the local impacts of climate change on municipal operations and the broader Chula Vista community. It includes 11 strategies designed to increase Chula Vista’s resilience to more frequent wildfires and extreme heat days, high local energy and water demand, and sea level rise flooding. Ultimately, the Plan helps to reduce the long-term risks and costs from climate change on the community.

Under the leadership of its City Council, Chula Vista began developing a Climate Adaptation Plan in 2010 to address the impacts from climate change on its local infrastructure and economy. An extensive community engagement began with the Climate Change Working Group consisting of residents, business associations, environmental organizations, public health officials and utility companies. The Climate Change Working Group adopted the 11 strategies which include programs and policies to utilize cool paving/roofing and shade trees in response to extreme heat and energy demand issues, integrate graywater and storm water reuse techniques to address lower imported water supplies, and design building, infrastructure, and habitat restoration projects to be more resilient to sea level rise. To date, the City has successfully implemented over 90 percent of the strategies and their associated components.

For more information on Chula Vista’s Climate Adaptation Plan, go to

Posted: May 13, 2013

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