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As you’re driving through your neighborhood, you spot an ugly pothole. Wouldn’t you love to be able to report it as soon as you see it? Now, in the City of Chula Vista, you can do just that! The new feature, called SeeClickFix, allows residents to submit requests for non-emergency service via mobile application and web tool. Issues can be reported using a widget on the City website (, City Facebook page (ChulaVistaCity), Twitter (#@ThinkChulaVista), or with a free phone app (for iPhone and Android devices, search for SeeClickFix on Google Play Store or iTunes).

Just a few examples of issues that can be reported using SeeClickFix include graffiti, pothole, dead animal, malfunctioning traffic signal, and abandoned vehicle. Requests reported through SeeClickFix can provide location, description and photographic information regarding the problem. The new service is available in different languages and requests can be submitted anonymously. Residents also can report issues to Public Works at (619) 379-6000 and these issues will be added to the SeeClickFix database.

SeeClickFix allows citizens to not only report the non-emergency issues, but to monitor them as well. Once the issue is documented with SeeClickFix, the reporting citizen will receive a notification and tracking number. The request is then automatically forwarded to the appropriate department. Once the issue is addressed, the status will be updated and posted on SeeClickFix. City staff will monitor SeeClickFix during normal business hours.

The new system eliminates the same request being submitted multiple times and allows staff to work more efficiently by filtering requests regarding type, status or department assigned. In the near future, SeeClickFix in Chula Vista will also be adding a FAQ on common questions about Chula Vista. SeeClickFix is strictly for non-emergency services and any emergency should still be reported to 911.

Posted: August 15,2013

City Of Chula Vista



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