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Chula Vista residents can help make their city the COOLEST California City by participating in the COOL California Challenge currently underway. Now through May 30, 2014, is the qualifying round of the challenge and Chula Vista residents are encouraged to sign up for the “Participant Race” at The City will receive a portion of $50,000 based on our rank as a City at the end of May and how many new participants have entered the challenge by that time. All funds received for this program go right back to Chula Vista residents in energy efficiency items like LED holiday lights.

Then from June 1 through August 31, City Vista residents can participate in the “Points Race” just like last year to try to achieve the title of COOLEST California City. How can you help? Follow these easy steps: 1) Race for Participants: Tell a friend (or friends). Have a friend or neighbor join the Chula Vista Challenge, and have them sign up before May 30 to secure our place in the race and get as much prize money as possible. 2) Race for Points: Participants from last year’s challenge can enter their household energy data each month, It was lots of fun in 2013 to see Chula Vista neck in neck earning points in the race with the cities of Davis and Tracy and sometimes taking the lead. Although Chula Vista didn’t win last year, the goal is to do so this year! Many residents said they actually saved money each month by watching their energy bill, reminding their family to turn off lights not used, and be more conscience about using energy. This year, participants can have their energy data automatically downloaded into the program. Log on to your page to sign up for the automatic download today! Don't forget to put your cars in the race as well. Submitting car mileage is an easy way to earn points and an area that was in short supply last year from Chula Vista participants.

If you have questions, please call the Chula Vista Challenge team at (619) 409-3893. The team is looking forward to seeing the activity on the COOL CA Scoreboard. Let the race begin!

Posted: April 9, 2014

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