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If you have a security alarm in your home or business in Chula Vista, please note some new changes. Recently, a Security Alarm Ordinance, along with new security alarm permit and fee schedules, has been approved. Additionally, the City Council approved a contract with PMAM Corporation to administer the Security Alarm Program for the Chula Vista Police Department. These important changes will allow the Police Department to manage its limited resources and better serve the needs and expectations of our citizens and business community.

Fines for false alarm responses by the Police Department will be charged to the permitted site as follows: first violation $100; second violation $200; any additional violations $500. Billing for false alarms will begin July 1, with all security alarm locations starting with a zero alarm count. False alarms will be billed based upon a rolling 12 month period. Security alarm permit fees have been modified to $28.75 each year for both residential and business sites. Two-year alarm permits obtained prior to the new program changes will be honored until the permit expiration date

Residents and business owners will be able to obtain permits, update permit information, pay permit fees and false alarm fines online, by mail or by telephone via PMAM Corporation. The Chula Vista Police Department Security Alarm program can be accessed online at, or by telephone at (877) 503-6727. Please check the website for additional information.

Posted: June 30, 2014

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