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Promotional Events


Any business may request a permit for an event held outdoors on the property where the business is located. Such events include Temporary Outside Sales Events to sell merchandise customarily sold within the existing business and Special Events to promote the following:

  • Grand Openings
  • Change of Address
  • Change of Ownership or Lessee
  • Business Anniversary

If no outside activities are planned, any business may request a Temporary Sign Permit to display a sign for the same above occasions. All permits require the submittal of an application form, required filing fee, and a site plan to the Planning and Building Department. In addition to the zoning regulations listed below, all events are subject all Municipal Code regulations, including those of the Police, Building, Fire and Engineering Departments.


1. Any business may request a permit for the use of temporary promotional signs and promotional items in conjunction with the following special events: Grand openings, change of business address, change of ownership or lessee, and business anniversaries. If a business is part of a parent organization, the anniversary of the parent may be used in lieu of the business anniversary during the calendar year.

2. The maximum time limit for a special event shall not exceed 14 consecutive days.

3. The applicant shall submit a statement stating the reason for the special event and indicating the commencement and ending date. The applicant shall also submit a site plan indicating the location and area of signs and location of promotional items. Each permit shall also be accompanied by the required filing fee(s).

4. Promotional items are subject to the following approval:

a. They may not be located in the front setback;
b. They shall not interfere with internal circulation or eliminate required parking;
c. They shall not be indiscriminately placed or be of such quantity as to present a cluttered and unsightly appearance.

5. Pennants may only be used in conjunction with grand openings and change of ownership or lessee.

6. The planning department shall issue to the applicant a special event permit, upon approval of the applicant's request. The reason for the special event shall be conspicuously displayed on a sign for the duration of the event.

Temporary Sign Permits

Temporary Promotional Signs (CV 19.60.300)
Temporary promotional signs are permitted for any business, which contain appurtenant sign copy to promote the following special events: Grand openings, change of business address, change of ownership or lessee, and business anniversaries. Said signs may consist of A and I frame signs and signs on paper, cardboard, plastic or fabric. The signs shall be located on the premises of the business having the special event. The number and location of the signs shall not create a traffic hazard because of the distractive character to motorists of any sign or the cumulative effect of all the signs on the lot, nor shall any sign unreasonably obscure existing signs on adjacent properties. No limitation shall be placed on the area of the signs except that they shall not conflict with the provisions of Section 19.60. Only one freestanding sign shall be allowed on each street frontage. Such sign shall not be more than eight feet in height or contain more than forty square feet of sign area.

Public and Quasi-Public Special Event Signs (CV 19.60.310 C)

1. Churches and other public and quasi-public uses may request a permit for the temporary use of a sign announcing a special event. Wall or freestanding signs of paper, cardboard, plastic or fabric are permitted; provided, that the zoning administrator finds that the copy, color, and design of the sign will not adversely affect the order, amenity, or residential enjoyment of the neighborhood in which it is located.

2. Special event signs shall be located on the premises of the institution or organization having the special event, and shall be not more than five feet in height, nor contain more than twenty-five square feet of sign area. Freestanding signs shall maintain a minimum ten-foot setback from any property line abutting upon a street right-of-way. One sign shall be allowed for each street frontage.

3. Upon application for a permit, the applicant shall submit a statement and diagram noting the nature of the special event, and indicating the location, size, copy and colors of the proposed sign. A permit for a special event sign shall be valid for seven consecutive days; and not more than six such permits shall be issued to any one institution or organization in a calendar year.

Temporary Outside Sales & Display (CV 19.58.370)

General Information
Temporary outside sales and display of merchandise for a period of twenty-four (24) days in any calendar year, but not exceeding seven (7) consecutive days, shall be permitted upon approval of a temporary outside sales permit by the Zoning Administrator. Not more than six (6) permits a year shall be issued to any one business or shopping complex. Each such permit shall be accompanied by the required filing fee(s).

Applicant's Requirement
Upon application for a permit, the applicant shall submit two (2) site plans showing the location of the proposed outside sales area. The plan shall include sufficient information to insure that the display and sales will be conducted in a safe and proper manner and will not obstruct traffic or cause a hazardous condition based on the standards adopted by the City of Chula Vista. The permit shall designate the commencement and termination dates.

Other Required Conditions

1. The application shall be submitted for approval a minimum of two (2) days prior to the requested date of commencement.

2. There shall be a minimum of thirty (30) days between the commencement dates of the permit.

3. Temporary outside sales are prohibited in the C-O, C-N and C-V zones.

4. The sales area shall maintain a twenty-five (25) foot setback from the street when within an area designated for parking.

5. The sales area may utilize a portion of required parking to a maximum of twenty percent.

6. The sales area shall not interfere with the internal circulation of the site.

7. Pennants may be used only for safety and precautionary purposes.

8. The sales area shall be kept in neat and well-kept manner at all times.

9. Price signs may be used but shall not exceed twelve (12) by sixteen (16) inches.

10. Other signs may be allowed subject to Zoning Administrator approval. Said signs shall not exceed two (2) square feet of lineal street frontage of the sales area.

11. Promotional items allowed in conjunction with a special event, such as anniversaries and grand openings, are not subject to the provisions herein except when an outside sales permit is requested.

12. Only merchandise customarily sold on the premises shall be considered for temporary outside sales and display.


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