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Land Development Division

The Land Development Division provides engineering review and project management services to the development community and the public so they can enjoy quality developments that are constructed expeditiously and responsibly.  This Division works toward this goal in partnership with the City’s other Divisions of the Development Services Department.  Services provided include formation of financial districts, project plan review, permit processing, and public assistance. 

In order to effectively provide these services, this division has been organized into four sections: Subdivisions, Engineering Permits, Landscape Architecture, and Transportation Planning

All four sections are responsible for providing professional Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Transportation Planning services to the development community and the general public.  In this role, these sections provide plan review, project management, and technical oversight of public infrastructure projects such as grading, public improvements, subdivision mapping, landscaping, and transportation.  In addition, these sections are tasked with the creation of financing mechanisms for large public infrastructure projects via Community Facility (Mello-Roos) Districts and other special tax districts.  The distinction between the four sections lies in their primary areas of responsibility


The Subdivisions Section is the point of contact for all engineering matters related to large planned development communities (subdivisions).  This section works in close partnership with the Advanced Planning Section of the Development Services Department and manages large scale developments, such as The Otay Ranch, through the processing of grading permits, construction permits, final maps, and water quality technical reports.

Engineering Permits

In contrast, the Engineering Permits Section is the point of contact for all smaller engineering projects, along with any and all projects within the City’s Redevelopment Areas.  This section collaborates and partners with the Redevelopment Agency in the revitalization of the City’s five Redevelopment Areas.  For all non-redevelopment projects, this section works with the Development Planning Section of the Development Services Department. Engineering Permits also provides parcel information and over the counter processing of land development, transportation, utility and parking permits to the public and the development community.   

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Section is the point of contact for all public and private landscaping projects for all areas with the City Of Chula Vista.  The Landscape Architecture Section collaborates with the public, development community, and City staff in the review and processing of development plans and permits related to public and private landscape, public streetscape, open space, and public parks.

Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning Section is the point of contact for all long-range transportation planning projects for all areas within the City Of Chula Vista. The Transportation Planning Section provides traffic impact review services to the development community in order to provide adequate and timely transportation infrastructure for the traveling public. 


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