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Case File # Project Name Summary Description Date Approved
IS-00-01 Southport Marine Construction of an industrial warehouse building totaling 11,890 sqft 08/03/1999
IS-00-02 Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center 48,851 Square foo two-story medical office/surgical suite building & 462 space parking lot 06/16/2000
IS-00-03 EastLake II GDP and EastLake I SPA Amendments Incorporating 108 light industrial acres from the EastLake III General Development Plan (GDP) to the EastLake II GDP and EastLake I Sectional Planning Area (SPA) plan. 10/28/1999
IS-00-04 Fifth Addendum to EIR-86-04 (Eastlake Greens SPA I EIR, Subsequent) Proposed amendments to the Eastlake II General Development Plan map and Land Use Districts Map and Eastlake Greens SPA Plan Site Utilization map 09/24/1999
IS-00-05 An Amendment to Rolling Hills Ranch Tentative Subdivision Map 92-02 Conditions of Approval 1 and 3 of Section 7 to grant an increase in the building cap from 1,137 dwelling units to a maximum of 1,665 equivalent dwelling units (EDU's) prior to the completion of SR-125 To provide additional information and analysis of potential environmental impacts as a result of the proposed amendment to the Tentative Subdivision Map covered under the Salt Creek Ranch Annexation/ General Development Plan/ Pre-Zone Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR-89-3) and the Salt Creek Ranch Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plan Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (FSEIR-91-3) 03/30/2000
IS-00-06 Third and Naples Center Redevelopment project consists of the removal of seven existing buildings and the constructuion of two new structures. 01/19/2000
IS-94-19 Eastlake Greens GDP/SPA Amendment Modification to the Eastlake Greens GDP/SPA and the formation of an Assessment District for various public improvements. 02/28/1994

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