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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of a police report?    

Requests for police reports must be made in writing via mail (Chula Vista Police Department, Police Support Services, 315 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910), or at the Police Department.  Written requests for the report must include the date, time and location of the incident, report number (if known), and requesting party’s name and relationship to the incident (victim, insurance company, or other party of interest).  There is a $2.00 fee for all reports, with checks and money orders made payable to the City of Chula Vista. Mailed requests must include a stamped, self addressed envelope.  All reports will be mailed to the requestor.


How much does it cost for a copy of my traffic accident report and when will it be ready?    
The report will be ready approximately 10 working days after the accident and will cost $10.00    

Who can get a copy of an accident report?    
"Parties of Interest" - Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, insurance companies , etc.    

Can I report a traffic accident a couple of days after the incident?


Yes, if the accident was within Chula Vista city limits.  Non-injury and hit & run reports with no suspect information can be reported on-line via the Police Department’s on-line reporting system or in person at the Police Department.  Hit & run accidents with suspect information or accidents with injuries can be reported to the Police Department’s Communications Center non-emergency number at 619-691-5151.


When do you offer Livescan fingerprint services and what is the cost?    
Livescan fingerprinting is available via appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled via our website located here . The rolling fee is $20.00.    

When do you offer fingerprint card services and how much do fingerprints cost?    
Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 am to 11:00 am, no appointment is necessary. The cost is $10. You must supply the print cards.    

Do you take reports on lost or stolen license plates?    
Yes. The report may be done in person or over the phone (619) 691-5151    

What are the hours of operation to collect personal property from the Property and Evidence Unit?    
You  must make an appointment to claim property - call (619) 691-5249. Appointments can be made are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. it is most helpful if you have your case number available.    

What do you need to bring with you to pick up personal property from the Property and Evidence Unit?    
Your case number, a valid picture ID and a notice to claim property (if applicable)    

Do I need an appointment to pick up personal property from the Property and Evidence unit?    
Yes. To set up an appointment, or if you have any questions regarding property or evidence being retained on a case, you can call (619) 691-5249. it is most helpful if you have your case number available.    

My gun was taken by the police as safekeeping, how can I get it back?
State Law requires you apply to the Department of Justice for a background clearance. Authorization from your case agent or unit SGT. is recommended before you can apply through the Department of Justice. Please call the Chula Vista Police Gun Desk at (619) 476-2473 to find out the status of your firearm release or if you have any questions. You can upload an application from at any time.

Where do I get an application for Police Officer or Clerical position in the Police Department?    
At Human Resources, located in City Hall    

Is prior experience required to be a Police Officer?    
Prior experience is not required for Police Officer positions. The city will send our recruits to the Police Academy and require four months in service field training. Lateral hires will begin with a Field Training Officer.    

How much are alarm permits and long are they good for?    

Alarm permits are $50.00 for residential and $100.00 for commercial locations, with renewal every 24 months.  False alarm penalties are based on the 12 month period preceding the most recent alarm.  There is no charge for the first and second false alarm.  The third false alarm is $50.00.  Four or more false alarms are $100.00 each.  For more information, contact the Alarm Program at 585-5719.


My handicapped placard fell off the dash board and I got a parking ticket. How can I get the ticket dismissed    
Bring the placard along with you vehicle registration to the police station and fill out a "Request for Dismissal" form    

How can I get a Police Clearance (Good Guy Letter) to get a Mexican Hunting License or Passport?    

Clearance letters are provided for a fee of $2.00, payable at the time the letter is requested.  The request must be submitted at the Police Department public service counter and the requestor must show valid ID.


Can a sex , narcotic or arson registrant come in after 5 pm to register?    

Hours for registration are as follows: 

Narcotic Registration: 

Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Arson and Sex Registration is by appointment only by calling 691-5192, 691-5214 or 691-5182. 

Transient sex registration is 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM Wednesday only.


How do I go about having a stop sign or stop light installed at a location having several accidents or near accidents    
Contact the Engineering Department at (619) 691-5021    

My car was impounded (towed) by the Chula Vista Police, how can I get it released?    
For a recorded message on how to get a release on an impounded car call (619) 585-5796    

How come it took so long for the Police to respond to my call?    
All calls are prioritized with the most urgent or life threatening calls handled first    

How can I get information about Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch and locks?    
Contact the Community Relations Unit at (619) 691-5187    

Do I need a license or permit to conduct a garage sale?    
Call the Planning and Building Department at (619) 691-5272.    

I want to pay my parking ticket. Where do I go?    

Parking tickets can be paid at the Police Department or by mail in the envelope provided.


I don't agree with my parking ticket and want to appear in court.    

There is a process to request dismissal of a parking ticket that begins by completing a Request for Dismissal form at the Police Department.  The process takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks.  The Finance Department will notify the requestor regarding the final status of the dismissal request.


Why did Police leave a 72 hour Notice to Remove Vehicle on my car? It is parked in front of my house.    
It is against city ordinance to leave a vehicle parked on a city street for more than 72 hours. It does not matter who owns the vehicle or where it is parked. To prevent your vehicle from being towed, it must be driven every 72 hours. Just moving up to the next house or across the street will not prevent the vehicle from being towed.    

Is it OK to shoot a pellet or BB gun in one's own backyard?    
No, per Chula Vista City Ordinance, No. 9.36.010    

If I need to transport a gun in my vehicle, how do I do this legally?    
The gun should be unloaded and in the trunk of the vehicle.    

If I purchased a handgun legally, can I carry it on myself as long as it's concealed?    
No, To carry a handgun, you must have a concealed weapons permit. To get this, you must go to the Sheriff's Department. You have to have a good reason for needing a permit, for example, your job requires you to carry a lot of money.    

Where is the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles?    
The DMV is located at 30 North Glover, phone (619) 691-4695. Check the phone book under State of California for other locations in San Diego County    

Where is the District Attorney's Office in Chula Vista?    
500 Third Avenue, phone (619) 691-4695    

Where is the Medical Examiners Office (Coroner/morgue)?    
5555 Overland Drive, Kearny Mesa, phone (858) 694-2895    

How can I contact the California Highway Patrol    
CHP is at 4902 Pacific Highway, Phone number (619) 6661    

Where do I go to recover an invalid driver's license that was taken by an officer?    
Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a new license. DMV phone: (619) 427-5550    

Where can I get a handicap placard?    
At the Department of Motor Vehicles, 30 North Glover. Phone (619) 5550    

My car broke down on the freeway and the police towed it away and I want to get it back    
Contact the California Highway Patrol for all vehicles towed from the freeway.    

I need to obtain a restraining order, who do I call?    
South Bay Court at 500 Third Ave, Phone (619) 691-4695    

How can I get a Police Clearance (Good Guy Letter) for Immigration purposes?    
Contact the California State Department of Justice    

I had an accident in San Diego (or any other city) but I live in Chula Vista. Can I report the accident to you?    
No. The report must be made in the city where the accident took place.    

Is it possible to change your court appearance date on a traffic violation?    
Yes, if you go in prior to your court date, or request an extension in writing prior to your court date.    

Any questions regarding Police regulated Businesses    
Contact the Licensing Desk at (619) 691-5244    

Any questions regarding non-police regulated businesses    
Contact Finance Department at (619) 691-5051    

What is Police Regulated Business?    
Businesses that are required by the Chula Vista Municipal Code or State Law to be investigated and reviewed prior to approval of license, due to the possibility of illegal activity.    

What kind of businesses fall into a "Police Regulated Business"    
Second Hand dealers, pawn shops, dance halls, gambling, bingo, card rooms, massage parlors,massage technicians, door to door solicitors, live entertainment, taxi cabs, non-profit organizations, holistic health practitioners, tattoo/piercing parlors    

How often do we test for Police Officer positions?    
The City tests approximately 3 to 4 times a year and in conjunction with the San Diego Regional Training Center Academy dates.    

How can a family member or friend pick up property for the owner if the owner is still incarcerated?    
You will need a notarized letter or form (that we can provide) which must be signed by the owner and deputy assigned to the correctional facility, authorizing a representative (i.e.. Family or friend) to pick up personal belongings that are not being retained as evidence.    

Is the Department hiring?    
The Chula Vista Police Department has a continuous open application process for Police Recruit, Police Officer, Communications Operator and Police Cadet. Other positions become available throughout the year as vacancies occur. Some of those positions are Police Service Officer, Community Service Officer, Records Clerk, Administrative Office Assistants and Animal Control Officers.    

How do I apply for a position?    
Applications are available at the Human Resources Department and the Police Recruiting Unit. The application is also available on our web site. Mail completed applications to the Human Resources Department or drop it off at the HR front counter. Be sure to include the position title and the recruitment number. You may attach a resume.    

What is the difference between Police Officer and Police Recruit?    
If hired by the Police Department for a peace officer position, a Police Recruit is one who we send to the academy for training. A Police Officer (Lateral) is one who has already completed a California P.O.S.T. Basic Police Academy and has received a P.O.S.T. certificate. Lateral applicants must attach a copy of their certificate to the submitted application.    

What are the requirements to be a Police Officer?    
The minimum requirements to be a Police Officer are: At least 21 years of age at the date of hire, Be a United States citizen, Have a high school diploma or GED, Have a valid California Driver's license at the date of hire, No felony convictions, Must have good character and reputation.    

What type of tests do you administer to become a Police Officer?    
All recruits must take the written examination. The written examination is provided by P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training). The Human Resources Department administers the tests. The test is then returned to P.O.S.T. for scoring. All applicants are notified of the results within 10 days. Lateral applicants are waived from the written exam.    

What is the Physical Abilities Test during the hiring process?    
The position for Police Recruit and Police Officer requires physical endurance and agility. Therefore, a Physical Abilities Test (PAT) Course is an obstacle course used at the Police Academy and meets P.O.S.T. standards. The course requires climbing ladders, stooping, stairs, slalom jumping a 3-foot wall, 5-foot wall and a 6-foot wall, dragging a 165 pound dummy and running a 100 yard dash. This PAT course must be completed in less that 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The 1,5 mile run must be completed in 15 minutes or less. Walking and/or stopping are disqualifying.    

What is the selection process for Police Officer?    
The process consists of: submitting an application, Pass a written examination, Pass a 1.5 mile run under 15 minutes, Pass the Physical Abilities Test, Oral interview, Complete the background investigative questionnaire packet, Extensive background investigation, Truth Verification Examination, Chief's interview, Medical examination, Written and oral psychological examination.    

What are some of the benefits for Police Officers?    
4/10 patrol work schedule, a 10-hour training day each month, 3% @ 50 retirement (effective 7/03), Paid PERS retirement contribution, uniforms provided w/cleaning allowance, Shift differential, Flexible spending accounts, Flexible benefits plan, City provided life insurance, Education/P.O.S.T. incentives, Bilingual-K9-Motor pay    

Are there any specialty assignments available to Police Officers?    
Yes. Motor Officer - Traffic Investigator, K-9 handler, SWAT -Crisis Negotiation Team, School Resource Officer, Alcohol beverage Control Officer, Narcotics Task Force, gang Investigations, Street Team, Bicycle Unit, Honor Guard, Academy Training Officer, Community Relations Officer, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Composite Platoon Response Officer    

Who do I call for recruiting information?    
Chula Vista Police Recruiting Unit at (619) 585-5652    

I live in the City of Chula Vista and I suspect that one of my neighbors and/or local business is dealing drugs. What should I do?    
Please call the CVPD Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) at (619) 691-5054 and advise him/her (or leave a voice mail message) regarding the address of the suspected drug dealers, any vehicle license plate information and/or names and ages of the suspected drug dealers (if known) and any other pertinent information regarding the location, such as where the dealings are taking place, type of durg (if known) and any other important information that could help our NET team conduct a thorough, proactive investigation into the matter.    

How long will it take before some type of enforcement action takes place at the suspect drug dealer's location?    
Depending on the volume of available information regarding the target location and/or the suspects involved, it could take anywhere from one week to as long as one year. Sometimes, we learn from our computer resources and related research that the location is already being investigated by another agency (such as SDPD, FBI or DEA), which could could possibly involve a wiretap operation or even a more sophisticated electronic surveillance meathod. These operations are set up to work at a much longer pace than a standard investigation, thus, it could take longer than a year before any known enforcement action takes place. We realize that you want the location worked as swiftly as possible, but law enforcement officials have legal guidelines, which we must follow, where drug dealers do not. Even still, we will eventually close the investigation either through an arrest or other means. If you leave your personal information on the drug hotline, we will make every effort to advise you of the end result.    

I suspect my son and/or daughter, or even my neighbor(s) of using drugs on a regular basis. What should I do?    
If you suspect someone of using and are observing them do so in your presence, please call CVPD dispatch at (619) 691-5151 to report such problems.    

What do I do if I suspect someone smuggling drugs through the international border (either as a pedestrian or in a vehicle), such as from Mexico into the United States    
Please contact Operation Alliance at (619) 671-4600 or 4700. Operation Alliance is a drug task force consisting of Special Agents from the U.S. Customs Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Narcotics Detectives from several surrounding cities such as San Diego Police, Chula Vista Police, National City Police and the San Diego Sheriff's Department. Pass on any important related information to Operation Alliance as soon as possible, in order to have a Special Agent or Detective assigned to your case.    

What do I do if I suspect that my son, daughter or another teenage student is either taking drugs to school or possibly selling drugs at school?    
Please contact CVPD's School Resource Sergeant at (619) 691-5124. CVPD has numerous officers assigned to the various elementary, middle and high schools within the Chula Vista City limits. The SRO sergeant will assign tour case to one of the officers within the SRO Unit, who will assist you in the establishment of a liaison between your information and a representative from the involved school. Your information will be worked in a proactive manner, and you (reporter of information) will be kept anonymous    

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