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Chula Vista Clean Business Centennial 100


Chula Vista Clean Business Program 

  • List of CLEAN Businesses
  • Helpful tips
  • Survey Shows Being Green Can Save Some Green
  • Business Recycling is Mandatory 

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    What is a CLEAN Business?

    A business is CLEAN if it has adopted practices for the use of renewable resources and holds itself accountable for the environmental and human rights impacts of its activities. This includes businesses that operate in a socially responsible manner and protect the environment. Becoming a Chula Vista CLEAN Business is voluntary and FREE.

    Becoming a CLEAN Business

    In order to become verified as CLEAN, your business must be located in an office building or storefront (does not include home based businesses or mobile businesses).  Your business must implement the minimum number of measures/practices in all four of the following categories:

    • Energy Conservation (EC)
    • Water Conservation (WC)
    • Pollution Prevention (P2)
    • Solid Waste Reduction (SW)

    Each category includes checklists with suggested measures and practices. Businesses may select measures off these checklists, or propose their own as the program allows for flexibility. When selecting measures, select ones that best apply to your business and would be the most effective at reducing waste, preventing pollution, and conserving energy and water.

    All businesses must implement the required minimum number of measures/practices from the "general" checklist included in each of the four categories. Specialized businesses (restaurants and automotive businesses) will have to implement additional measures/practices from the provided checklists (specific to their type of business) in order to become verified.

    Receiving verification is not a replacement for regulatory inspections. Businesses are still subject to inspection and enforcement by any regulatory agency.



    Clean Business Scorecard

    Once compliance is met on the minimum number of measures/practices, send checklists to CVCB for review:

    CVCB Group

    City Hall - Public Works Engineering

    276 Fourth Ave

    Chula Vista, CA 91910

    You may renew your CLEAN verification after a three-year period.

    What are the benefits of becoming a CLEAN Business?

    The benefits of becoming a CLEAN business are many. They include:

    Free advertising and promotion for your business: You will have the opportunity to submit a short description of your business, along with a picture. The description and picture will be posted on the Chula Vista CLEAN website. This website receives an average of over 13,000 hits per month.*
    List of Chula Vista CLEAN Businesses

    Community recognition of your voluntary efforts to improve our environment: The general public will notice your efforts to become a CLEAN business and will appreciate those efforts; thus, they may be more inclined to do business with you; your current customers will likely spread the word. Additionally, many environmentally friendly businesses are seeking out other similar businesses to partner and do business with, which may increase your business opportunities.

    Cost savings through improved efficiency, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction: There's no doubt that more efficient, everyday practices such as turning off unused lights, using less water, and recycling what you can will save your operation money.

    Free assistance in making CLEAN changes to your business: The City of Chula Vista has a dedicated and knowledgeable team that may come in and help your business implement changes that are not only good for the environment, but can save you money too. Call (619) 691-5122 and select #6 from the menu to arrange for this free assistance.

    Helping to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emission: You can take pride knowing that by becoming a CLEAN business, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions via solid waste reduction, water conservation, pollution prevention, and energy conservation.

    Brought to you by the City of Chula Vista in conjunction with:

    Third Avenue Village Association


    Your Community. Your Environment. Your Choice.


    City Of Chula Vista



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