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Commercial & Industrial

All commercial and industrial businesses operating within the City of Chula Vista must implement pollution prevention measures. Everyday business operations have the ability to come in contact with storm water, such as material handling and storage or metal grinding. It is the responsibility of the business owner and employees to ensure that their activities are not negatively impacting the environment.

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It’s easy to be green. Properly dispose of paint, motor oil and hazardous waste. Keep them out of trash cans and storm drains. A helpful tip from Chula Vista Clean Businesses. Live green, shop green.

The City of Chula Vista inspects commercial and industrial facilities and provides storm water best management practices (BMP) education and enforecement, if necessary. All businesses operating within the City of Chula Vista must comply with Chula Vista Municipal Code 14.20, Storm Water Management and Discharge Control.

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Facilities that are subject to the requirements of the State General Industrial Storm Water Permit must file a Notice of Intent, prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, and perform monitoring during the wet season.

arrow For more information, visit the California State Water Resources Control Board.

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