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Development & Construction

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Development Storm Water Manual

arrow Development Storm Water Manual 2011

Development Storm Water Manual (2010)  - CLICK TO VIEWOn January 10, 2011, the City of Chula Vista adopted the updated Development Storm Water Manual, January 2011, to meet the hydromodification control requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Permit issued by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The Manual is incorporated by reference in Chula Vista Municipal Code Chapters 14.20 and 15.04, and new development and redevelopment projects in the City are required to comply with its requirements and standards.  The Manual includes the City’s Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) and other storm water regulations pertaining to development and redevelopment projects in the City.

New development and redevelopment projects are to minimize impacts on receiving water quality and habitat by incorporating construction and post-construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) in their project design.  Construction BMPs typically include erosion control, sediment control, non-storm water management, and material management practices.  Post-construction BMPs include Low Impact Development site design, source control, treatment control, and hydromodification control practices.  The Manual provides guidance and establishes standards and criteria to meet those requirements.

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State Construction General Permit

Construction projects of one acre or more are regulated under the State Construction General Permit. Developers are required to submit a Notice of Intent and prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. Construction sites less than one acre are regulated by the construction component of the Municipal Storm Water Permit and are required to implement BMPs. City of Chula Vista Storm Water Management staff regularly inspect construction sites and provide storm water BMP education and enforcement, if necessary.

For More Information

arrow For more information, please visit the California State Water Resources Control Board Construction Storm Water Program.

arrow All projects are required to comply with the Chula Vista Municipal Code 14.20, Storm Water Management and Discharge Control.


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