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Chula Vista Brownfields Program

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In healthy communities, the streets, businesses, and neighborhoods change over time to reflect the changing needs of residents and users.  Farmland may be converted into a gas station, which may become an auto repair shop, and later a retail outlet-- all in response to the demand of community users. In some cases, the former use of a property can limit the options for its re-use.  These properties are known as "brownfields."  Ensuring that a community's brownfields are re-used helps encourage even older, inner-city neighborhoods to remain economically and physically vibrant.  The City of Chula Vista Brownfields Program supports the re-use of urban land by providing assistance to property owners and developers seeking to recycle land for new uses. 


Please follow the links below to find out more about the Chula Vista Brownfields Program:


Contact:  Janice F. Kluth, Senior Project Coordinator

tel: (619) 691-5022 



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