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Chula Vista Brownfields Program: Property Owner Resources

The Chula Vista Brownfields Program seeks to assist property owners, developers, and potential purchasers in their efforts to return Chula Vista's vacant and underused properties to productive use.  At the core of the program are two EPA Communitywide Assessment Grants which allow us to provide cost-free Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments on eligible properties located in the Southwest quadrant of the City.  The Program also offers technical guidance to property owners navigating brownfields issues.  This technical assistance is available for properties located thorughout the City. 

More details about these programs are available below:


Free Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Through the 2009-2011 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grants, the City of Chula Vista can provide free Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on eligible properties located within Southwest Chula Vista (for a map of the eligible area, please click here).  These Environmental Site Assessments are prepared by the City’s consultant according to ASTM standard E1527-05 “Standard Practices for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I Environmental Assessment Process.”  These Environmental Site Assessments are standard procedure for any transaction related to a property.  By providing these assessments for free, the City’s Brownfields program has the potential to save property owners thousands of dollars, helping lower barriers to the re-use of these properties.   Please contact Janice F. Kluth, Senior Project Coordinator at (619) 691-5022 or for more information.

Additional Resources


Brownfields program staff are available to help connect property owners to local, state and federal resources to assist in the assessment and cleanup of brownfields properties.  Please contact Janice F. Kluth, Senior Project Coordinator at (619) 691-5022 or for more information.


Handouts & Publications

Chula Vista Brownfields Program Information:

Useful Publications from EPA's Web Site

Property Owner FAQs

Q:What is a Brownfield? 

According to the EPA, Brownfields are “real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.  Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties protects the environment, reduces blight, and takes development pressures off greenspaces and working lands.”  Often, even the suspicion that a property may be contaminated can prevent it from being re-used.  As a result, many of these properties lie vacant and underused by the community.  The goal of the Chula Vista Brownfields Program is to help property owners obtain clear information about their properties, and to eventually enable the recycling of these properties to meet the needs of the surrounding community. 


Q: What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is the standard environmental due diligence preformed for any transaction involving real property.  A Phase I ESA is generally preformed by an Environmental Professional, who searches historical records, databases maintained by regulatory agencies, and visually inspects the property to determine whether there are any known or probable contaminants on the site.  Phase I ESAs preformed under the City of Chula Vista Brownfields Grant must comply with ASTM 1527-2005 Standard satisfying All Appropriate Inquiry, which requires that the preparer of the ESA interview all persons who may be  knowledgeable regarding the property history, including past owners, the present owner, site managers, present tenants and neighbors.  The results of the research and interviews are then compiled into an ESA Report. 

Often, the completion of an ESA report provides adequate information on potential liabilities on the site to allow purchasers, lenders, or owners to proceed with their plans for the site.  Sometimes, however, more information about the site is needed. 

Q: What is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?

A Phase II Environmental Site assessment is generally conducted when the Phase I ESA reveals the possibility of contamination on the site, and the site owner wishes for more information about the extent and degree of this contamination.  Unlike the Phase I ESA, which is limited to research and interviews, the Phase II ESA often involves soil, water, and air sampling to determine the extent of contamination.   Phase II ESAs conducted under the Chula Vista Brownfields Grant must also include a Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP) that establishes the procedures to protect the health of workers conducting the sampling on the contaminated site.  The information received from the Phase II ESA will then be used to develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the clean up and re-use of the site. 

Q: If contamination is found on my property, what resources are available to help me clean it up?

A variety of funding sources are available through the Federal, State and regional government.  Please see the following link for an updated list of funding opportunities:

Program Contact:

Janice F. Kluth

Senior Project Coordinator

(619) 691-5022



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