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As part of the Public Works' Engineering Division, the Conservation Section’s mission is to serve the community’s environmental needs and to assist in its pursuit of a healthy, prosperous, just and secure environment for all citizens.  Section staff works with and on behalf of the community to preserve and restore land, air, water, and other natural resources in ways that advance the welfare of present and future generations.

Specifically, the Conservation Section seeks to provide additional resources that:

  • Provide the foundation for an economically and environmentally sustainable community;

  • Invest in public education and emerging technologies for tomorrow’s environmental solutions;

  • Provide businesses with a competitive edge and the prosperity to create quality jobs in the pursuit of those solutions;

  • Assist the community’s environmental leadership;

  • Foster the development of the next generation of local environmental leaders; and

  • Develop a greater appreciation among all citizens for the full value of the community’s natural resources.

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