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Watershed Initiative

Watersheds are areas of land where water from rain flows downhill into a waterway, such as a river, stream or lake.  Watersheds act like funnels - collecting all the water within an area and channeling it into a waterway.  Unfortunately, pollution from our yards and streets also drain into these waterways creating harmful conditions for humans and wildlife.

Chula Vista contains two main watersheds – Sweetwater and Otay – which both eventually drain into the south San Diego Bay.  To help reduce pollution runoff and improve the health of these watersheds, the Department of Conservation & Environmental Services is implementing the following programs and policies:


Your Community, Your Environment, Your Choice

Sign-Up to be Notified about the Next NatureScape Workshop

Visit the South Bay Botanic Garden at Southwestern College

Select California-Friendly Plants (Nifty Fifty List)

Purchase Shade Trees from the Arbor Day Foundation

Calculate the Right Amount of Water for Your Landscape (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for Water Efficient Clothes Washer or Irrigation Equipment (MWD)

Additional Information

California Watershed Network

San Diego Project Clean Water

Sweetwater Watershed

Otay Watershed

Chula Vista - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

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