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Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance


In accordance with legislation passed by the State of California, the City of Chula recently passed the "Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance."  This ordinance requires that any new or rehabilitated landscapes are designed using a water budget, to help encourage outdoor water conservation. 

To read the new Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance, click here.

To view the City's Outdoor WaterSmart Checklist, click here.

How it works

As a part of the City’s permitting process, some projects will be required to complete either a Landscape Documentation Package or a WaterSmart Checklist.  In general, the Landscape Documentation Package will be prepared for larger projects that involve installing or changing an existing landscape, while the WaterSmart Checklist is designed for smaller projects. 

The size of the “landscape area” will determine which of these documents will be required.  The landscape area is measured in square feet, and it is an area with outdoor plants, turf and other vegetation that uses water, including any water features either in an area with vegetation or that stand alone.  A landscape area does not include the footprint of buildings, structures, decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, gravel or stone walkways void of plant materials, paved portions of parking lots or other hard landscape.


Does my project require me to complete an Outdoor WaterSmart Checklist or Landscape Documentation Package?


For questions about the Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance, contact Mary Radley at 619-407-3542.

For questions about water conservation, contact a City Conservation Associate at 619-409-3893.


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