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It’s easy to be green. Landscape with low-water plants, efficient irrigation, mulch and compost. It will save you money and be easier to maintain. A helpful tip from Chula Vista CLEAN Businesses.

WaterSmart Landscaping

Along with living in Chula Vista’s beautiful Mediterranean climate comes the important responsibility to work together to use water efficiently.  In Southern California, outdoor landscape irrigation can typically account for over 50% of residential water use.  Incorporating WaterSmart strategies such as water-efficient design, state-of-the-art irrigation technologies, climate-appropriate plant selections, and best maintenance practices is a great way to create both a beautiful and sustainable garden.

Why WaterSmart?

  • Save money on your water bill
  • Beautify your property
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Protect our environment

Sample Water Conservation Designs

The "Landscapes for San Diego Project", which was sponsored by Sweetwater Authority and Otay Water District, has produced these professionally-designed sample garden design plans, each themed to fit the needs of a variety of families.  All plans were drawn up by well-known local landscape architects, and are FREE to use! 


Each plan below includes the landscape design, a specially-selected plant palette with photographs, and the irrigation plans and watering schedules:





FOR MORE IDEAS about landscaping, rainwater harvesting, and "laundry-to-landscape" graywater systems, click here for the City of Chula Vista’s Outdoor WaterSmart Checklist. 

Need help? Contact the City's Conservation Section at 619-409-3893!

Your Community, Your Environment, Your Choice

Schedule a FREE Residential or Business Water Evaluation

Visit the South Bay Botanic Garden at Southwestern College

Select California-Friendly Plants (Nifty Fifty List)

Apply for a Rebate for Water Efficient Rotating Spray Nozzles (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for a Rain Barrel (MWD)

Additional Information

Otay Water District - Conservation Program

Sweetwater Authority - Conservation Program

San Diego County Water Authority

California Urban Water Conservation Council



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